Get 12 Volt Automotive Relay Wiring Diagram Background

Get 12 Volt Automotive Relay Wiring Diagram Background. A wiring diagram for a 1955 ford 600 12 volt tractor can be found. A relay is typically used to control a component that draws high amperage.

Relays from
Instead, wire a 12 volt positive lead from the nitrous arming switch to the switch's n.o. Also, i never wired something like this before. Many automotive relays are similar in appearance and pin configuration and will plug into the same you may have to run a micro relay from your current key'ed wire to the battery to get a 12v circuit.

I made this project, and it does work:

Hope this is what you need. The sockets can also be locked together if needed. I have 4 led lights that are 12v dc and 15 watts each = 5 amps. 12v power supply wiring diagram.

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